Frequently Asked Questions about VUITY Eye Drop for Reading Vision

Vuity Eye Drops bottle and cartonVUITY™ is a new eye drop that Dr. Chu and his team at Chu Vision Institute are excited to share with our patients who are struggling with age-related loss of reading vision! These are some frequently asked questions about VUITY patients have been wanting to know.

Who is VUITY for?

VUITY™ (pilocarpine HCI ophthalmic solution) 1.25% was FDA-approved for patients 40-55 diagnosed with Presbyopia.

What does VUITY fix?

Presbyopia is the natural aging of the lens in your eye that decreases reading (near) vision. VUITY helps you focus on things up close, such as cell phones, books, cooking, woodworking, menus, etc.

How does it work?

VUITY is an optimized formulation of pilocarpine, an established eye care therapeutic, delivered with pHast™ technology. The proprietary pHast technology allows VUITY to rapidly adjust to the natural pH of the tear film. VUITY uses the eye’s own ability to reduce pupil size to improve near vision without affecting distance vision.

Will it affect my distance vision?

No. VUITY will enhance reading vision without compromising distance vision. This also means if you currently need glasses or contacts for distance, you will still need them when using VUITY.

How long does it take to start working?

Effects of VUITY start in as little as 15 minutes.

How long do the effects last?

In clinical trials, the VUITY eye drop lasted 6 hours, with some patients experiencing effects for even longer.

How often can the drop be used?

VUITY is intended to be used as a once-daily eye drop

What are the side effects?

Temporary difficulty in adjusting focus between near and distant objects may occur. The most common side effects are headaches and eye redness.

Are Vuity drops a permanent solution?

No, a more permanent solution to consider would be LASIK eye surgery or  Custom Lens Replacement.

How much does VUITY cost?

VUITY is $79.99 per bottle

Is VUITY covered by insurance?

No, VUITY is a cash pay treatment option.

How can I get VUITY?

VUITY will be available to patients by prescription only. Schedule a screening at Chu Vision Institute or with your eye doctor to determine if VUITY is right for you!

How long does one vial last?

VUITY comes in a 2.5mL bottle which is estimated to last approximately a month if used once a day every day in both eyes.

Will I need an eye exam to renew my prescription?

Based on when your last comprehensive eye exam was, you may need to have an eye exam to renew your prescription.

Can I use VUITY if I wear contacts or glasses?

Yes. However, if you wear contacts be sure to remove them prior to VUITY use and wait 10 minutes before reinserting them.

Can I use VUITY if I have had cataract surgery?

Possibly. It depends on your age and the degree of presbyopia you are experiencing. The drops were not studied in individuals who have had cataract surgery. Your eye care provider can help you determine if VUITY will work for you.

Can I use VUITY if I have had LASIK?

Yes, patients who have had LASIK may be able to benefit from VUITY, depending on age and the degree of presbyopia.  Your eye care provider can help you determine if VUITY will work for you.

What if I fall out of the age range but am struggling with near vision?

The drug was studied in a group of people aged 40-55, and therefore the official approval from the FDA is for people in that age group. Treatment for presbyopia is determined on an individual basis by a licensed provider.  If you are struggling with presbyopia, your eye doctor will work with you to determine the best treatment plan.

When was it approved?

The FDA approved VUITY on October 29, 2021

Have a question that wasn’t on this list? Reach out to our team in Bloomington, MN to have your questions answered and to schedule your consultation!

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