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Your eyes deserve
comfort, health & freedom:
that’s what we’re here for.

I want to wake up and SEE without fumbling for glasses or putting in contacts.”

I HATE putting on readers to see a menu or read a price tag!”

“By the end of the day, my contacts are so irritating I can’t wait to take them out!”

If this is you, vision correction can be life-changing.

At Chu Vision we're all about


Better Care

Comfortable & Easy

Our on-site surgical center and laser suite makes you feel at home, so that your experience is as stress-free as possible.



ACHC Accredited

This means Dr. Chu and his team are able to maintain the highest standards in safety, cleanliness, and sterilization.



Passion & Care

Founded in October 1999, we’re surgeon owned & operated. We’re committed to bringing the BEST technology to Minnesota.


World Impact

Making it Better

Chu Vision Foundation’s mission: preventable blindness is diagnosed & treated in underserved communities, near and far.

From innovations to patient care, mediocre isn't in our vocabulary.

Meet the doctor the doctors trust.

Dr. Ralph Chu

World-Renowned Ophthalmologist

Expertise that's trusted across the globe:

  • Global eyecare industry leader
  • Education, resources, technology advisement, and surgical volunteer
  • EyeWorld magazine and Review of Ophthalmology editorial board member

Your vision, Your unique vision plan.

From 18 to 80+ see clearly at ANY age!

Here we offer more types of FDA-Approved procedures than anywhere in Minnesota.

Our expert team of doctors will guide you at an in-depth consultation to see which treatment is best for you.

I'm 21 to 42 years old

I don't want to wear glasses or contacts.


    Highly popular, globally recognized


    Innovative one-step procedure; return to normal activities in 24 hours

  • PRK

    The first laser eye procedure; best for thin corneas

I'm 21 to 42 years old

I've been told my eyes are 'too bad' for LASIK.


    Implantable contact lens procedure; Biocompatible, reversible, works in harmony with the eye’s natural lens

I'm 40+ years olds

I don't want to wear readers or bifocals.

  • Custom Lens Replacement

    Designed to restore vision for patients who struggle with reading glasses or bifocals as well as contacts or glasses; Also prevents cataracts

I have cataracts

I want my best possible vision options.

  • Advanced Custom Cataract Procedures

    Removes cataracts AND can eliminate constant dependency on readers, bifocals, contacts or glasses through traditional & refractive cataract surgery with multifocal technology.

See why our patients say vision correction is worth it.

Experiences are defined by our senses. The sense of sight may be the most powerful way we experience the story of our lives, from the smallest detail to the entire world around us.

To see and experience everything you want is a freedom to cherish, writing your story on your own terms. Our passion is to help you do just that, just like these special people.

You'll love our team of expert docs as much as we do.

Here at Chu Vision Institute, our caring team of doctors work together (and if referred, alongside your optometrist) to help you enjoy the crisp, clear vision you deserve.

Closely led by Dr. Ralph Chu, our doctors will work with you to create a customized treatment plan designed for your unique eyes, hobbies, career, and life goals.

Jessica Heckman, O.D.

National Lecture Expert
on Research & Education

Abby Bunnell, O.D.

Fell in Love with Eyes
in Undergrad; Golfer

Erin Carlson, O.D.

Loves Family Care
& the Outdoors

Advanced LASIK and Vision Correction in Minneapolis, MN