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At Chu Vision Institute, our goal is to improve the everyday lives of our patients by allowing them to experience clear, healthy eyes. With a dedication to each individual we treat, Dr. Ralph Chu and his skilled team offer numerous services for every member of your family. Through comfortable, personalized care, we look forward to allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy life in a completely new way with restored vision.

Led by world-renowned ophthalmologist Dr. Ralph Chu, our team is able to treat patients with a wide range of vision conditions, including glaucoma, cataracts, keratoconus, and refractive errors ranging from minor to severe. Our work with laser vision correction and cataract surgeries has gained our practice recognition throughout the state of Minnesota.

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We make it a point to stay ahead of the curve by offering innovative eye care treatments that you can't find anywhere else in Minnesota, such as SMILE, reading vision correction, corneal inlays, and more. Our Bloomington, MN office has also gained recognition for our work with LASIK, PRK, refractive lens exchange, corneal cross-linking, keratoconus treatment, and laser floater removal.

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Our team at Chu Vision Institute comprises the most widely respected ophthalmologists and optometrists in the industry. Led by Dr. Ralph Chu, our team treats patients of all ages and with a wide range of conditions. Each of our eye doctors brings a unique skill set to the table to provide individuals across Southern Minneapolis with the personalized care they need.

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We believe that your eyes tell a story, and we want you to share your story with us. Our team is committed to granting all of our patients with clear sight. We have a passion for adding clarity to the world around you, and we want you to experience life with healthy eyes.

If you live in the suburbs of Southern Minneapolis or any surrounding areas, high-quality eye care is right in your backyard. At Chu Vision Institute, our team sees patients throughout the communities of Bloomington, Eagan, Apple Valley, and Lakeville, MN.


"This staff is absolutely amazing!!! They talk to you as a human and take the time to explain what they are going to do. They spend time answering questions and concerns. Dr. Chu and his team…I honestly couldn’t have asked for more. They genuinely care, and you can hear it in their voices. I was nervous, and as an adult male that can be….belittling…but they were amazing! They actually pumped up my confidence. I will never go anywhere else for my eyes. I plan on scheduling all my appointments with them. Give them a chance, they will not disappoint. I heard it in the waiting room, everyone was happy and appreciative. Thank you all for making my life better!"



"Dr. Chu did a wonderful job with my SMILE procedure, taking my -5.75 and -6 prescriptions to 20/20. My results are amazing, yes... but I think that being as nervous as I was, the thing that really made this experience phenomenal was the care that Dr. Chu, Dr. Heckman, and the whole team provided. I appreciate that they took the time to talk to me about all of my concerns before I scheduled my procedure - have really dialed in the actual day of your appointment so it's smooth and efficient and you always know what's going on and what to expect - and that they have continued to provide that level of care at every follow up appointment. I have always received such a warm welcome every time I have visited, and am grateful that they always find time to address any questions or concerns. PS - a special thank you to every technician I've been fortunate enough to meet at my appointments, you all provided such lovely, friendly conversation!"



"Lasik was not something that i ever thought would be an option as it never was for my astigmatism and far sighted vision issues. New technology made something i never thought possible a possibility. This was the easiest thing ever. From what i expected was that it was suppose to be a slow progression and will continue to improve over next 6 weeks. I am already mind blown by how it has gone and how well I see. No glasses and I see better than I ever did with glasses...lol. Best Doctor, team, and experience. I HIGHLY Recommend everyone using Chu Vision Institute for all ete care needs. You will not regret it. Thank you!"



"From the day I walked in for my consult to the day after surgery and my first post-op, Chu Vision provided nothing short of a stellar experience. After 30 years of my life spent wearing glasses and 27 years with contacts, my vision stabilized and I was referred to Chu Vision. LASIK has been something I've wanted for many years but will be the first to admit my gut was wrenching with anxiety the entire month leading to the procedure after weighing the pros and cons of eye surgery. Browsing the internet and learning about side effects: glares, halos, starbursts...didn't exactly help my anxiety. Don't get me wrong, without glasses or contacts, I could barely make out the big E in the eye doctor's office. If anyone broke into my house, if a contact fell out while swimming, if something happened to my contacts/glasses on vacation...I'd be screwed. I wanted to be free. My 1:1 prior to surgery with Dr. Chu definitely put me at ease. The entire staff at Chu Vision is extraordinary...something you wish for at any service-related business. They calmed my nerves, walked through every step, answered all my questions, advised me how to prepare and what to truly expect afterward. The day of surgery was quick and absolutely painless...no pain at all, and my entire time at the office was 45 minutes. The actual procedure was less than 10 minutes. Dr. Chu provided an amazing surgery and turned my -6.75 prescription WITH ASTIGMATISM to 0!!!! The day after surgery for my post-op, I could easily see 20/20, and I know they don't guarantee better than 20/20, but I was able to see 20/15 the day after surgery, with my own eyes...truly amazing!!!! TO THIS DAY I CATCH MYSELF IN AMAZEMENT BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO NOT HAVE THIS VISION WITH MY OWN EYES. I'm now 4.5 weeks out from when I had surgery and the post-op procedures and drops are cake. I have not had ANY glares, halos, starbursts, nothing. I can see clearly at night and during the day. "Whereas once I was blind, now I see." Thank you so much Dr. Chu, your team, and the experience you have built. I can't put into words how you have changed my life. Thank you so much."



"I had cataract surgery and before surgery had cloudy vision and a great deal of difficulty with night driving-halos, difficulty seeing lines on the roads especially on wet roads. I got the light adjusted lenses. It took a few weeks of adjustments but now I can see clearly to read and drive without glasses and the best part is I can drive at night and I don’t have the haloes around lights with oncoming traffic and I can see the road and lines even in the rain!! No glasses needed!!! I wear regular sunglasses in the sun but no prescriptions. Thanks Dr. Chu!!! Your staff was amazing-each person was polite and friendly and professional!"




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