Miaoli’s SMILE Procedure in Bloomington, MN

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Miaoli was tired of wearing glasses. Her family lives in China and they told her she had to get the SMILE procedure done. Her brother had SMILE in China and told her it was even better than LASIK. So after much research, she found Chu Vision Institute! Dr. Chu is the only surgeon in the Twin Cities who can perform SMILE. Now she is seeing 20/20 without any complications!



my name is molly and i have do the smiling procedure in Chu Vision i’m from china i have been living in the states for six years so far and i like to a lot of  exercise sports yoga swimming i started wearing glasses when i in middle school super early so i  i never have a good vision before in my in entire the past almost 25 years and my vision was a  350 both side the prescription so i need to wearing glasses all the time or sometimes wearing  contacts always you know you need to spend time to put on contact or you need to  wearing your glasses all the time and especially during Covid you people need wearing a mask all  the time and every time i put on my glasses with the mask the glasses always gloomly i cannot see  and in the winter if you wearing glasses from a cold i’ll cycle entire house and you guys suddenly  become gloomy again it’s so annoying i cannot see everything so clear before i was went to three  different eye clinics before and talked to them and asked them about every surgery opportunity and  they all don’t have the smiling procedure but uh my family in china they tell me say  the smiling procedure is better for the Lasik the normal LASIK you should do that one so i  research online and in minneapolis uh Chu Vision is the only place can do the smiling procedure  so i can take Chu Vision right away after i get the research online my little brother do the smile  smiling procedure in china too so he suggest me say you should do the smiling procedure then the  regular LASIK is better and recover fast you don’t have any bad feeling and that’s how i feel too i  after one week i don’t have any feeling with my eyes and i don’t have any dry eye problem  everything just goes so normal and super clear and i feel like oh my god i just feel it’s a whole new  world to me because before i never see anything so clear and now i can see everything super clear  super bright and don’t have any trouble and don’t need to looking for my glasses where’s my glasses  i don’t need to think about the contacts how long they already in my eyes something you know and  made my life more easy more happy and so colorful i just feel like i don’t because during the covid  we wearing masks all the time and i just tell myself say we have to do some changing in our  life and i just thinking about maybe i should it’s time to do a lasik so i just called the front desk  and they replied to me super quickly so i called them the first day and after today they already  made appointment for me after two day and i come in to talk to them do a check and everything  went well and we just made our apartment for next day so so i just wait for one week and they just  set up the surgery with me and the surgery only took maybe a few minutes and super fast quickly  and after the surgery i don’t feel any uncomfortable i just go home take a long nap  and the next day the last and the continued two weeks just use the eye drop regularly  and but i do everything else normal i still can work as you can watch tv use computer yeah  everything goes smoothly the first time i meet dr chu is in a video chat and he’s super friendly  and he’s smiling a lot and he comfort me and tell tell me everything’s good you you will be doing so  so nice nothing problem hap and we will take care of you a whole time so it’s give me comfort me a  lot and i feel more relaxed i feel i feel trust him a lot he’s a super funny person he likes to  make jokes and made you laugh and after you laugh you feel so relaxed and he’s so professional and  during the procedure he tell me what he’s doing i will do this step i will do that step and just be  relaxed don’t worry so i 100 trust him and super relaxed and happy to work with him everyone here  is super nice people so friendly smiling to you all the time answer your all the questions and  ask you if you feel comfortable or not do you need something so everything just made me feel  so just like i’ve been a family here a long time i have a good feeling that’s why i just made a  decision say i need to do the procedure here it’s different super different people and other eye  clinic they just treat you like a patient and you feel like you go to hospital but here is a have  different feeling after i’ve finished my smiling position i just go to social media and tell all  my friends wearing glasses say you guys have to do this procedure it’s amazing it really will  change your life or changing your world will just you just feel the world is better place and it  really made you so relaxed and more happiness and i just asked them come to Chu Vision this place is  good and i tell i want my pursuit my procedure experience and i just so enjoy it and i want to  share with all my friends and i remember have two of my friends say they were thinking about do the  smiling procedure like me so yeah i just so happy to share with everyone about this and because it’s  a benefit for my life and i want to benefit from my friends too thank you very much for taking care  of me so well and helping me do this vision with me and make me have a good experience good feeling  it’s really some i have some warm feeling in my heart and feels just so close to you guys  and comfortable relaxed and you guys really helping me changing my life a lot

Dr. Ralph Chu LASIK surgeon Minneapolis Ophthalmologists

Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Ralph Chu is a fellowship-trained corneal specialist and a nationally recognized leader in refractive and cataract procedures. His specialty areas include cataract, LASIK, cornea, and minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries for patients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Twin Cities areas.

Posted on October 13, 2022

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