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LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is the most popular refractive procedure in the vision industry. Hundreds of thousands of men and women all over the world have had this remarkable surgery and can hardly believe how wonderful their vision is following treatment. LASIK is FDA-approved and can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and even astigmatism by carefully altering the shape of the cornea. Some of the best aspects of LASIK include that it is remarkably fast and virtually pain-free, and it offers lasting results.

At Chu Vision Institute, we want everyone to see the world through clear eyes. We know that sharp vision can have a tremendous effect on daily life. In fact, having the most precise vision possible can optimize everything from performing activities at work to enjoying your hobbies. Schedule an appointment at our office in the Twin Cities to receive a LASIK assessment with an extensively trained eye surgeon to find out if laser vision correction could be the most effective option for you and your eye health.


Owing to recent advancements in LASIK procedures, a rising number of adults might be great candidates for this treatment. This is great news, and while you might have been told by other ophthalmologists that LASIK wasn’t a good treatment for you, it could be a good idea to look into it again. No one but a skilled ophthalmologist can accurately say whether anyone is a good candidate for laser vision correction, but there are a few guidelines that are true for most patients. For one thing, patients need to be a minimum of 18 years of age. In addition, it is necessary that the patient has a certain amount of corneal thickness. Also, some eye conditions or other medical concerns might impact a person's eligibility for LASIK; however, other refractive surgeries, such as photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), may still be an ideal option.


ProcedureAt Chu Vision Institute, LASIK is an incredibly quick, precise, state-of-the-art laser vision surgery. As an added positive, a considerable majority of people don't experience any pain during their treatment. The surgery usually lasts under ten minutes in total. Prior to beginning the procedure, the person's eyes will be fully numbed with special eye drops to ensure there is no discomfort. Then, a small, round device will be put on each eye to hold open the eyelids. People receiving LASIK never feel anything but a slight tension on the eye. Once the eye is secured, Dr. Chu will utilize advanced laser technology to create a microscopically thin corneal flap. He will then carefully fold the flap back and use the laser to change the shape of the underlying corneal tissue. Once this is done, he will bring the flap back into its proper position. Remarkably, it can then heal itself back together without sutures. Most people who receive LASIK may notice clear vision within one day.

What is Monovision LASIK?

For patients who experience both myopia and presbyopia, we may recommend a technique known as monovision LASIK. Using this method, our staff creates a blended vision that corrects one eye for nearsightedness and one for farsightedness. The brain is then able to combine these differences in vision in order for you to be able to see both near and far. Though this may sound like your vision will be a bit odd or uncomfortable, most patients are very happy with their results and become completely accustomed to their new vision within just a few weeks. In order to ensure patients will love their results, we usually recommend for patients to undergo a short trial before undergoing monovision LASIK in which they wear a pair of lenses that simulate monovision. In this way, patients can see for themselves what to expect from the procedure. Monovision LASIK is typically suitable for any patients over the age of 40 who are noticing symptoms of presbyopia and myopia.


A lot of patients notice sharper vision right after their procedure; however, a great deal of patients may have hazy vision for around one day. For the most part, eyesight is noticeably sharper by the next day, and the outcomes will continue to improve and stabilize throughout the next 8 – 12 weeks. Several patients will have spells of hazy vision, night vision issues, and light sensitivity as they heal and recover; however, these issues are normal and are typically reversed in a few months. Dr. Chu always asks his patients to come back for a few follow-up visits in order to monitor their healing process. LASIK patients will also have to use prescription and moisturizing eye drops for 2 – 4 weeks following LASIK.

Long-Term Clear Vision Today

Current innovations in LASIK technology are allowing countless people to benefit from laser vision correction. If you have been informed years ago that you weren't suitable for LASIK, schedule an evaluation at Chu Vision Institute to find out if your eligibility has changed. Patients who aren't good candidates for LASIK may be qualified for a different vision correction option, such as PRK or SMILE. We are here to give our Minneapolis patients their sharpest eyesight yet.


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