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Tina has been working for Chu Vision for 2 years as a Surgical Expediter. She is in school studying sonography. After seeing all the positive outcomes after LASIK with Dr. Chu, she decided it was her turn! Tina can now see clearly when doing hands-on training at school and in every other aspect of life!

“If I had to choose to do it again, I totally would. No regrets or anything. No hesitation. It was a really good experience for me.” Tina’s story contains video of LASIK procedure.



all right my name is tina and i’m getting lasik done today

great well i am currently a third-year student i am studying sonography and i have one more year left

uh i am very nearsighted so if you’re not literally next to my face um you’re gonna be pretty blurry i’ve always been a glasses girl so i never trusted myself with contacts since the third grade so it’s been a very long time so i was usually sat in the back because i was a good kid so they always trusted me to be in the back and i would always remember getting headaches and it was just i would always squint my eyes a lot

well after i started working here and seeing like all the positive like feedback and everything i was like well this is the place to do it you first start off with like testing in clinic and i like how they’re very honest about if you’re ready or not or if you’re a good candidate because the first initial testing that i did i wasn’t um approved for it right away because my eyes were still shifting so i liked how they put you first and they don’t pressure you into making a decision well now that my eyes are done shifting for my age i got the okay from dr heckman after that i started talking to coordinators i got to talk with dr chu about the process how it’s going to go and everything so it was very exciting

i liked how direct and straightforward he is i also liked how he he didn’t pressure me into anything which i like and also he’ll also tell you what to expect like what uh what you can hear what can’t you smell and all that kind of thing so he he really puts you at ease and know what you’re getting yourself into

i’m only a little nervous just because i’ve never done any sort of procedure or surgery but that’s just a normal very human thing but i know i’m i’m in good hands so i’m not like super duper worried about it

let’s get LASIK. yay!


[Music] that’s perfect Tina just like that


two for perfect you did amazing


[Music] beautiful all right one down one to go [Music]

nice doing great [Music]

congratulations surgery went perfectly in both eyes youre finished

i definitely noticed a huge change in my vision like literally the day after it was like so clear and i was like oh my god this isn’t this isn’t right because i was so used to just waking up and just seeing like or being a little blurry just because i was so near-sighted and waking up to it i was like well this is a good change yeah so like i especially noticed it more after i started school again and like just looking at those screens because i am a sonography student so as i was like scanning i was like oh my gosh this looks way more clear than when i did this like last month because i was developing a bad habit too because i was like i would be squinting at the screen or i’ll try to be like move closer and like i would get told off to stop doing that because when you’re scanning you don’t want to be squinting or making faces or anything because it can scare patients away so i’m working on getting rid of a bad habit so it’s good because i’m seeing better so i’m not doing those things anymore so it’s been all good because i’m constantly reading or i’m constantly on the computer and it was just a huge hassle for me because i would just keep straining my eyes and like with like scanning and everything like it was just not good and having to wear a mask and everything like it would fog up while i’m scanning but yeah but it was more challenging in terms of school having glasses and not being able to see very well and developing bad habits [Music]

he actually met with me before the whole procedure and he was just very reassuring like making sure like he was like calming my anxiety a little bit because of course like i was a little bit nervous because it’s a procedure i’ve never done anything in my life so who’s just being reassuring like just let me know like like i’ll just be seeing lights or there’ll be moment there were like a moment where my vision would blur a little bit or i might smell something but it’s not my eyes so it’s just very assuring that he kind of just like walked through that just to know like these are just things that might make the common person like very anxious [Music] yeah i was just told to kind of just stare at a light and that’s literally all i saw and then at the moment before he tells me like hey your vision might blur a little bit you won’t see anything like he kind of just prepares me for that just so like it doesn’t happen all of a sudden i freak out so he just tells me things ahead of time what to expect so i’m not anxious but during the whole procedure i didn’t feel nervous at all like it was exactly what he said it would be and he’s just very reassuring so it was really nice

it was i had actually had 20 20 vision after the one day and that my eyes healed like it was as if like i did not have surgery at all so everything was just a-okay perfect so it was really good so definitely i can see farther when i’m driving and it’s nice not wearing glasses anymore because i would always get glare from the sun like hitting my glasses and it blinds me and then like i can now wear sunglasses now which is so nice while i’m driving and it’s just been great

it was kind of like a joke because they’re like who is this person like i’ve always wore glasses all the time when they’re like who are you and like also they were like oh tina has 20 20 vision now so she can do this or that and i’m like okay well you’re just making excuses to like make me do things now it’s like i just felt so secure i didn’t feel pressure like they’re very honest and like i said before like the very first time i wanted to have lasik i didn’t even qualify so i know that they’re honest in that aspect that they won’t put my eye health at risk and that they really do care about vision um to the team i would just say that you guys are amazing i’m just so thankful that everyone just kept like checking up on me making sure that it was okay and like wondering how my vision was doing like just seeing that like i just know that they deeply care about what they do it’s just so awesome like if i had to choose to do it again like i totally would like no regrets or anything like no hesitation like it was a really good experience for me so i definitely would do it again

Dr. Ralph Chu LASIK surgeon Minneapolis Ophthalmologists

Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Ralph Chu is a fellowship-trained corneal specialist and a nationally recognized leader in refractive and cataract procedures. His specialty areas include cataract, LASIK, cornea, and minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries for patients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Twin Cities areas.

Posted on October 13, 2022

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