Alix and Brody LASIK as a Couple, Minneapolis, MN

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With a busy lifestyle and two young boys, when Alix and Brody decided to get LASIK they chose to get it done on the same day! Both had been wearing glasses and contacts most of their lives. Now they are seeing clearly without glasses slowing them down!






Alix: yeah it was worth it yes yeah definitely [Music]

Brody: we’ve been married since 2012. we had a five-year-old and three-year-old they kind of keep us on our toes so

Alix: i did not have comfortable contacts i was always worrying about contacts irritating me or having to worry about where my glasses were wrestling around with the kids anything like that as well

Brody: i always tried to wear contacts for any outdoor stuff mainly because in the cold weather they would fog up seemed like you were constantly switching back and forth from glasses to contacts to sunglasses and if there was a method to kind of change that and improve that whole process that’s kind of i think what prompted me to even begin this discussion because i really wasn’t 100% for it but then once i start seeing the benefits of what it could be i can tell you in the last week here um it’s been pretty nice i i do enjoy being able to go inside and outside not have glasses fog up and constantly switching back and forth so kind of everything started lining up thinking we were making the right decisions so it’s pretty quick yeah

A: i mean very efficient extremely efficient when we were there for exams and everything like that as well and i think we have a busy lifestyle and we have the help from our family and friends not only from our friend driving us up there that day to our family watching our kids that evening so that we could take our prescribed nap that we were supposed to take that was very helpful and i think that’s probably why we chose to do it on the same day right

B: yeah i mean for me at my work i’m extremely busy monday through friday so to be able to kind of get everything done within a 24-hour sequence was ideal for me and i will say that it made things interesting once we got home

A: i first met dr chu on a virtual call he kind of went through the procedure explained everything that would be happening and he allowed me to ask my questions that i had he was i would say very comical he kind of compared his situation to the dental field which is the field that i’m in and so that kind of helped explain a lot of the things that i might have been nervous about as well i mean he was very nice from the get-go i thought he had a great humor

B: for me i had a online conference call with him a couple days before she did i feel like i asked less questions than alex does for me it’s more of is this the right thing to do and if he says yes then i’m like all right let’s go so i’m a little more easy going on those things i mean that’s why we went there is because he was highly recommended and overall i couldn’t have asked for it to go any better so it did it was definitely well worth it

A: so dr chu while during the actual appointment and the surgery itself he would tell me exactly what he was doing with the first laser and then like i said he would count down on how much time was left i had an idea of how much time was left like so that makes me more comfortable and then jumped over to the next laser same thing explained exactly what was going on to me and how much time was left and honestly within minutes that was it

and we followed up and met him it’s five minutes afterwards and he took a look you know at our eyes and wanted to see how everything went and everything went flawless and that was it it did pretty much followed exactly what he said it was going to do

A: we appreciate when that can happen when we’re informed of something of how it’s going to go and it goes exactly that way

B: from the day of surgery when we got out your eyes were almost like you’re under water a little bit a little hazy once ya laid down and took a nap i woke up and at that point i could see the tv i could see the clocks i could see everything and

A: you weren’t able to do that before

i was not able to do that without glasses

B: no i did search my glasses for about three four minutes the next morning because i didn’t know where they were but then i realized i could see so um that was nice but yeah i mean it was i’d say the first hour after surgery until you get home and actually lay down you know there’s it’s there’s some discomfort but ultimately it wasn’t anything overbearing and you know since then my vision the day after my vision was 20/20 as of my one week follow-up last thursday i had 20/15 vision i couldn’t be happier with it

A: i would say with my vision after the procedure like brody said little blurry you described it perfectly like you’re underwater almost and after waking up i was i was almost shocked to like i was envisioning it feeling like it did that first hour after having the surgery and i woke up kind of like you know this is clear it doesn’t it’s not sensitive at all to opening my eyes and i could see the clock as well without questioning what time it is

B: i go out to job sites a lot and i’m in facilities that i have to wear safety glasses on i noticed the things like i’m able to put an actual real pair of safety glasses on versus the ones that cover up like this much of your head that have to fit over your glasses so that’s been super cool those are the things that i notice it’s i can get in my vehicle and i can put a pair of sunglasses on and i can you know take them off and i’m not constantly just back and forth back and forth

A: the following day i asked i said as we’re driving i said could you see that road sign as clearly before without glasses and he goes no way i mean i noticed that even the day afterwards on the way back up to our follow-up visit so things like that i do notice

B: i do i did notice in our follow-up eye appointment the week after obviously when they pulled up the sheet and they said well can you read this line and i’m like yes and i said i can read the bottom line too and that’s something i’ve never been able to do the bottom line even with glasses so it’s interesting to see the clarity of what’s actually happening and you know just being able to look out and say hey i can i can see this now and i don’t need a squint and you know so

A: that’s a lot less squinting

B: that’s kind of a nice feature it’s kind of more of a hindrance for me because now i don’t have a reason to say stop fighting with me because i gotta take my glasses off so now i just take the glasses off now they can just bombard me and so um there’s a downfall there but other than that it’s it’s been kind of neat to just if they want to you know if you’re in bed they come and jump in and wrestle with kids you’re not

A: you don’t have to worry about the glasses being jumped on right and anything like that they wake up in the middle of the night having to put your glasses on when you walk down the hall kind of thing to see what they need or take care of them i would definitely recommend Chu vision to anyone that asks me if they’re even contemplating having any sort of refractive surgery eye care or anything like that i had a great experience with dr chu so i would definitely recommend

B: i had a great experience with chu vision and i would recommend anybody i just tell people what i went through and told them i was pretty skeptical myself because it’s it is kind of an important part of your body and but once i kind of explain things and at times i tend to talk a lot so i kind of get into more detail but once i do that people are like really that’s it and you were out of there in two minutes and i’m like literally two minutes it was that quick and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to suck your eye out no honestly it was pretty painless i mean it the whole time you dr chu was just talking to you telling you what to expect and that’s exactly what happened then you moved on and i said it was pretty flawless so

A: i just want to say thank you for to the chu vision institute and the team everyone that we worked with dr chu as well you made it very comfortable for me to have this done as we talked about before it is an important part of your body so it’s a little nerve-racking at first but the comfort level was there and it made it very easy for me to go in stay comfortable the whole time and leave happy that day honestly i think it was just a good experience overall i think it was better than what we expected to be honest with you

B: yeah that’s a true statement

Dr. Ralph Chu LASIK surgeon Minneapolis Ophthalmologists

Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Ralph Chu is a fellowship-trained corneal specialist and a nationally recognized leader in refractive and cataract procedures. His specialty areas include cataract, LASIK, cornea, and minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries for patients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Twin Cities areas.

Posted on October 13, 2022

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