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Kelly wanted to watch her children grow up with clear vision. After talking to Chu Vision about LASIK, she never looked back.



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I like to garden, I like to run, I like to be outside, and glasses were not really a fit for that. You can’t run with glasses, and having to wear the contacts every single day became- that is a hassle as well. I think I’ve always wanted Lasik, I stayed away from it simply because of “Ehh could I do that?” You know the procedure part of it, but after years and years of putting in contacts taking out contacts, am I going to wear glasses, can I wear makeup or will my eyes be dry. You know by the end of the night. There was no pain during the procedure, there was no pain after the procedure, and the fact that that night I was eyes open could see everything without contacts, without glasses. The next morning I woke up and you know like I have contacts or glasses in that type of vision, perfect vision, but none of the hassle. Just amazing. I caught myself for two weeks after that procedure doing that thing in my head “Probably I should take my contacts out right now.” There was even one time where I started walking to go upstairs and I’m remembering “Wait a minute, I don’t even have to do that anymore.” The thing that I love most about the staff at Chu is that you will see several different doctors during all of the appointments that you have and when I finished the Lasik and came in for the checkup there were doctors coming in saying “How is it!” It felt great, kind of like a little family. I didn’t want someone to just give me Lasik, I wanted someone to say “We are going to do Lasik because you qualify for it, because it’s a good fit for you.” It’s nice to go into a procedure like this with the confidence that you are getting the best care possible, you’re getting the best knowledge possible, you’re getting someone who has done this many times, and he is the best at it. Thinking about it as well what I spend on contacts and what I spend on glasses, and the hassle I put into them, it’s a no-brainer. And that’s my biggest regret, I think, Looking back that I didn’t do this 10, 15, 20 years ago. Yeah amazing, had no trouble, can see even a little bit better than when I had glasses and contacts.

Dr. Ralph Chu LASIK surgeon Minneapolis Ophthalmologists

Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Ralph Chu is a fellowship-trained corneal specialist and a nationally recognized leader in refractive and cataract procedures. His specialty areas include cataract, LASIK, cornea, and minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries for patients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Twin Cities areas.

Posted on October 13, 2022

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