Ken Is Seeing So Clearly, It’s Scary! LASIK in Minneapolis

Right after his LASIK procedure, Ken was so thrown off by his clear vision he thought he was wearing his contacts! As someone who works in the medical field, Ken had high standards. He did diligent research to ensure he found the best practice for LASIK: Chu Vision Institute in Bloomington, MN!

Hear him talk about his journey from start to finish, finding Chu Vision, his consultation, to the day of surgery, and now seeing better than before! Before LASIK, Ken could not see anything past his fingertips. Moments after his procedure, he could read the letters on the screen. And now he is seeing life with crisp and clear vision!

Find your true north with New Vision.

Video Transcription:

I’m Ken uh I had lasiK done by Dr Chu I had it one month ago and best decision I ever made so I was tired of glasses and I was tired of my contacts and always having to adjust and the contacts drying out and glasses especially with me having a hearing aid uh it’s extremely difficult to be able to hear and see it felt like I had to do one or the other so I ended up looking into lasik before when I was living in Colorado and they uh gave me you know pretty good foundation getting into lasik and then when I came out here in Minnesota that’s when I decided to do my research so having done 23 years in the medical field I know that everybody says they’re the best but what I did is I went and did the research so I went to the Minnesota uh medical boards I went to the National Registries I went to you know the Google reviews I went to all the reviews to find out like you know separating the uh you know the wheat from the chaff and you know that’s when I found uh Dr Chu and the glowing reviews that the patients gave but more importantly the glowing reviews that his colleagues gave him and what the history and the the history and his clinical practice is what shined out the most to me so my initial uh appointment I came in got to see the front desk staff they were more than you know warm and welcoming uh definitely put me at ease I come in I sat in the uh in the waiting room it was well lit it was comfortable it was warm and inviting uh you know not all of us in the medical field have the most um inviting uh uh front rooms we’ll say but I mean you know I came in and it felt like I was just sitting at a friend’s you know in their living room it was extremely easy uh then I talked to all the technicians and the technicians that worked with me were top-notch professionals but also they had that that that spark in their eye that what they were doing was something they enjoyed not just something that they did which is something that I really took note of that they really enjoy doing this and they treated me like the utmost um from a medical standpoint they treated me the way that we are taught to have bedside Manor but I would dare say they may have even kind of stepped above that just because they were so welcoming and they were so so just inviting and then when I came back you know for my procedure everybody was super nice super sweet uh people are congratulating me the the uh the back area uh in the patient area um you know everything was put to ease every need or want I was given uh you know of course again 23 years working in a hospital and having been a manager of a clinic I know how I may have a more critical eye than most people coming into a place and there wasn’t anything out of place everything was sterile Dr Chu walked me step by step and then as soon as I came out of surgery uh it was a very big shock because I had to forget that I didn’t have contacts in cuz soon as I came in and sat down I just happened to look up and and see the eye chart and I was able to read 1050 which I couldn’t see anything past the tips of my fingers before this procedure before my leg sick and now I’m seeing everything clearly and I could have you know I think I was 2050 the first day as soon as I woke up from uh resting I could see extremely clear far out and and that’s what kind of threw me off the most was just how quickly the clarity of my vision came I can see the smallest details I can see you know just all kinds of I can see details at distances that i’ never I haven’t been able to see in 30 years for me I’m very much of a cynic I’m a I’m somebody who just does not believe things just for the sake because somebody said so also you know I am one of those people that I I’m abhorent from car uh dealership you know those sales guys and that so everybody oversells under delivers but in this case I was undersold as far as what I was going to get which I understand from a medical standpoint you know we have to do but you know Dr Chu and his team they knocked it out the park down the freeway and it’s rolling down 494 and I would put you know Dr Chu’s practice right up there with the top top 1% because and and I’m this is not something I’m saying because I’m getting paid for but I the reason we get into medicine is to help people I’m hoping that this will help somebody make the best decision that they can for their eyes there is nothing that I have experienced since having this surgery that I would ever say well I don’t know or oh maybe not this has been the best decision for my eyes that I have made I have actually used eye drops less now after the surgery than I did prior to with contacts and with glasses my eyes feel a lot more relaxed my eyes feel more hydrated I just feel a lot better

Dr. Ralph Chu LASIK surgeon Minneapolis Ophthalmologists

Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Ralph Chu is a fellowship-trained corneal specialist and a nationally recognized leader in refractive and cataract procedures. His specialty areas include cataract, LASIK, cornea, and minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries for patients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Twin Cities areas.

Posted on June 13, 2024

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