Chu Vision Team Member, Brianna Gets LASIK!

There is a myth out there that people in the eye care industry don’t get LASIK… well they do! Meet Brianna, one of the technicians at Chu Vision who not only helps you get ready for the doctor back in the clinic, she also assists Dr. Chu in cataract surgery every week. She saw firsthand the benefits of LASIK on the patients she works with every day, and she decided she wanted it for herself, too!

Brianna’s prescription may not have been the worst one out there, but even correcting her “baby prescription” has made the biggest difference in her daily life. From work, to college classes, to hanging out with friends, life is just easier.

Congratulations, Brianna!



Ready to wake up and see?


I’m seeing 20 20. yes that’s the best it is everything is so sharp and clear okay my name is Brianna Wilkins I just had Lasik done on my eyes I work at Chu Vision I work back in clinic I also work back in surgery so I kind of get to see the full range of people coming in with you know poor vision and having a lot of issues wanting to be able to see better all the way to the end where they have a great outcome I call myself a I had a baby prescription but it was significant enough to affect a lot of things like when I was driving um wearing glasses all the time gave me headaches night driving I couldn’t do it I you know high functioning anxiety night driving was a big no if I didn’t have my glasses um and even then with the glasses sometime there was still some of that glare the blurriness really affected me and it just made me uncomfortable everything was hard without my glasses because I I couldn’t see far away everything was blurry going to restaurants I couldn’t see the menu I’d have to have my partner or someone look at it and read it off to me things like working also really difficult because I’m trying to help other people see and I can’t see myself

I’m feeling really good um it went way way more smooth than expected I was a little nervous but totally fine now they treated me just like any other patient answered questions eased my anxiety like I said I was kind of nervous before going in because I’m pretty young so it’s a big thing to happen and I was just scared that despite the medicine and the technology being awesome and trusting that and trusting my team that something would go wrong with my healing process and they like completely eased all of those worries and it turned out perfect

I can’t even describe it I don’t think there’s any other surgeon like him you know even working with him in clinic and then back in surgery for cataract surgery and then being a patient underneath him it’s completely different but in the best way possible like he was taking care of me for sure during my Lasik procedure and it just it felt nice it felt really good

one day was pretty good I was still a little nervous because I was having a lot like a sharp pain in my right eye but I just kept taking the drops like scheduled everything was looking fine everything was healing nicely I was a little dry but doctor told me that’s as expected that’s totally normal so I just kind of toughed it out for the the second day and then going to bed I woke up and it was like a completely new person I felt way better it was much nicer kept doing the drops and today a week out I feel great I’m seeing 20 20. yes that’s the best it is everything is so sharp and clear

yeah I just went to Valley Fair the other day and it was it was like a completely different experience like I can’t even describe it I’m so used to pushing my glasses up on my face um and it’s just weird being able to see without the aid of the glasses now I was able to see signs I was able to see like attractions prizes I was able to just see better in general I could see what’s going on around me and feel comfortable even in the rain when it was raining I could see everything just fine still

aside from work I do go to college for art so it’s going to be a really big difference being able to go back to school and be able to see what I’m doing and to stay up late doing homework and not have a headache because of my glasses causing tension on my my nose or the rest of my head so I’m really excited for that

do your research it doesn’t hurt talk to the people that are going to be doing it don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need don’t be afraid to express that you’re nervous or scared or anxious you know it’s okay to talk through things if you need the extra reassurance because professionals doctors they will they understand they’ve been through it so just do it honestly I I kind of waited a little bit too because I was nervous that I was too young to get it and that I should have waited till my prescription would get worse but even having a baby prescription like I say it made the biggest difference and now I don’t need glasses I’m only 21. I’m the baby here pretty much so I was really nervous that I was too young to get it I see other people coming in that are maybe a few years younger and a few years older than me getting it and their prescriptions are way worse than mine so I was like oh it’s not that serious like other people have it worse than me I don’t need to do it but at the end of the day it’s it’s something that makes me feel better and it improved my quality of life so I did it and that’s what matters is if you want to do it

thank you for being so kind and understanding that I was nervous and for being highly professional skilled old and great at what you do in general I appreciate all of the work that you guys and everyone else puts in here it doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone [Music]


Dr. Ralph Chu LASIK surgeon Minneapolis Ophthalmologists

Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Ralph Chu is a fellowship-trained corneal specialist and a nationally recognized leader in refractive and cataract procedures. His specialty areas include cataract, LASIK, cornea, and minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries for patients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Twin Cities areas.

Posted on August 30, 2023

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