Becca Shares Her Story and Experience of Getting LASIK at Chu Vision Institute

“I can see that!”

Becca was completely reliant on her glasses to function – she couldn’t drive, make her coffee, or see the clock. And now her new normal after LASIK is AMAZING! Not only is her eyesight the best it’s ever been, but she was confident in Dr. Chu and his team to walk her through each step, answer every question, and make her feel like the most important person in the room.

LASIK is a permanent vision correction solution to get you out of contact and glasses. Our team is diligent in getting thorough measurements of your eyes to match you to the best procedure for your eyes and lifestyle.

Watch the video to hear Becca share her story and how she was so moved by this gift of sight.

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my name is Becca and I had lasik on both eyes

everything is actually awesome I got glasses when I was nine and I remember when I got them I was like oh my gosh I can see the leaves I wasn’t like kind of I kind of needed glasses because if I just stopped wearing glasses I would get into a car accident right away because I wouldn’t I I could not see anything there was no like oh I’m awake oh yes I should put my no it’s like I need them to be able to see things like how many grams of coffee are going in you know important things like that maybe like the next day I was like you know I’m doing like my own personal eye test at home

things seem to be very clear like clearer now five six weeks after surgery than they were 3 weeks or 4 weeks after it is like my new normal it’s really cool it’s really cool I definitely find myself I just kind of stop sometimes and I’m like I can read that I can see that this is amazing I’m like is this real

well I think the first thing that I would say about like especially leading up to it so there’s like this whole prep call that Chu Vision does with his patience and that made such a difference for me I think the thing that made the biggest difference for there’s a couple things it was kind of like the beginning of me getting oh wow I really have this team of people that’s here for me which is very cool and comforting that was cool but in regards to the surgery it was like oh I have a lot of people that are available to answer my questions and if I forgot a question or if I have another question in like 10 minutes or in 2 days I can call and someone they’ll be available

there’s a video that was that’s sent to us that’s like this is what’s going to happen that video everyone should watch that video I was like oh okay that’s this is what’s going to happen that video walked me through there’s two procedures and this is what you should expect and this is how long they are and you’re going to notice these sensations and that’s normal it literally walked me through that whole thing that everyone should watch that video watch that video

the other thing that made a difference for me leading up to surgery was that the this is part of the virtual visit but my conversation with Dr chu was amazing I mean I just have never met somebody who on a video conference was so interested in me like this man was really authentically interested in the quality of my life that we were going to do something that was going to make a difference for me he was interested in that he cared about that I mean I got off the phone with him and as my parents are are both in the medical profession they both have like created a very high standard for me for the experience of being with your physician of someone who is going to be with me like right here with me being present with me that makes such a difference so that conversation having that conversation and then coming into the day of surgery I just was so clear I was in such good hands I was clear I was in good hands with a team of people I was clear that I was in good hands with my surgeon and I was really clear that everyone on this team really cared about it that they cared about this is this is going to be great for you we want this to be great for you

that experience everyone needs to come here to have that experience being held by a team of people that care about you that in their own unique ways really do express their love for you even if they’re only going to be with you for an hour of your life I am really clear that ChuVision cares about me I will I will tell everybody to come here in fact I have

someone’s definitely a little nervous very normal very human you know they took me back there and they did all the prep with me and just talked me through and you took pictures that was so fun my last day with glasses picture I keep looking at that I’m like this chick is so cute I was nervous but I was like okay this is we’re doing this I just think your team should know that they’re amazing they really are

so you know I met with Dr Chu afterwards and one of the things that he said is that there’s an intention and like a commitment here to have people really be appreciated and seen that intention is completely fulfilled is totally experienced and from the front desk to all the little tests that you do during your consult walking people through that I remember on my consult there is this one woman and she just asked me these really awesome questions about my life like what mattered to me and what excites me in my life and I was like oh wow this woman is like really interested in me this is really awesome

two things that are most impacted are cooking and walking my dog or even going outside and coming in forget about an activity called walking my dog going outside and coming inside you know so if you wear glasses and it’s winter and you go outside and then you come inside your glasses fog up and that’s just a thing that happens and then cooking with any kind of oils and steam that would get on my es and then when I would go to wipe them there’d be like that a streak so that doesn’t happen

I definitely wasn’t expecting to be able to see 2 minutes after surgery I was not expecting that you have the surgery and then you go down the two little hallways and then I’m sitting there and he’s checking my eyes and I saw the embroidery on his scrubs and I guess at that point my brain was like I can see that cuz then I could actually I I was like oh my gosh I can I can see that and then I was just so moved that was like so incredible I could read things and I could see things and then I looked up at my husband and I was just like wow I can see you that was just very overwhelming and I was not expecting that I was not expecting to be so knocked back by what I could see

my favorite part is how much how much love is here my favorite part is how much I’m loved and I just know that and it’s very obvious and how people are with me and how they are with others and you know I just want everyone to have that experience I’m sure you can have a great LASIK surgeon anywhere but you won’t have the experience that you have in in this community and it is a community it’s not a surgical office it’s not an eye care center this is a community and it’s a community of people who care it’s a community of people who love what they do it’s a community of people who love to give themselves and everyone should come and have that experience

Dr. Ralph Chu LASIK surgeon Minneapolis Ophthalmologists

Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Ralph Chu is a fellowship-trained corneal specialist and a nationally recognized leader in refractive and cataract procedures. His specialty areas include cataract, LASIK, cornea, and minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries for patients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Twin Cities areas.

Posted on April 8, 2024

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