Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) for Glaucoma in Minneapolis

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The ophthalmology experts at Chu Vision Institute are committed to providing the highest standard of care to help glaucoma patients ease their symptoms. For individuals who have not found success with prescription eye drops, our team may recommend a selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT). The SLT procedure is a type of laser surgery that applies laser energy to the eye’s drainage tissue (trabecular meshwork) to boost the flow of eye fluid.

With glaucoma, the optic nerve becomes injured due to blocked fluid in the eye. Unfortunately, this damage can lead to gradual blindness. There is no cure for glaucoma, but any future vision loss can be limited when the condition is managed with SLT or other appropriate solutions.

Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Ralph Chu is highly experienced in performing SLT with leading-edge technologies to treat the clogged drainage system associated with glaucoma. The SLT is a safe and effective treatment that has been used worldwide for the last two decades. To learn more about options to help preserve your existing vision, contact our office in Minneapolis/Bloomington, MN.


The SLT procedure is ideal for men and women who have mild to moderate open-angle glaucoma. Typically, patients who receive SLT have not been able to properly manage their condition with first-line defense treatments, such as glaucoma eye drops. When you visit our office for your initial consultation, our team will perform a comprehensive eye exam and diagnostic tests to determine if you qualify for SLT. After your exam, Dr. Chu will discuss your results and whether he thinks SLT would be the best solution to treat your glaucoma. If not, he can talk about other potential treatments. At Chu Vision Institute, we care about you as an individual and will work with you to determine the best option to manage your glaucoma symptoms.


We perform selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) as an outpatient procedure at our on-site surgery center here at Chu Vision Institute. This minimally invasive treatment utilizes targeted laser light energy to precisely create “micro-injuries” in the trabecular meshwork, which controls the flow of aqueous fluid. These small injuries promote the body’s natural healing mechanism to help the trabecular meshwork produce healthy tissue so the eye can drain properly. The laser is applied selectively, meaning it won’t damage the surrounding tissue. To ensure you stay comfortable throughout the procedure, Dr. Chu will numb your eye with anesthetic drops before he begins.


SLT is a mild treatment so you can expect to get right back to your normal routine following your procedure. Some patients may experience slight eye irritation or blurry vision for the next day or so as the treatment takes effect. It’s also important to keep in mind that you might not experience results right away. SLT works by stimulating your body’s natural healing process so healthy cells will begin to regenerate over time; sometimes this takes several months. After SLT, it is essential to routinely check your intraocular pressure levels. In addition, Dr. Chu may request that you attend follow-up visits at our Bloomington, MN office to monitor your progress. The results can last for up to five years, at which time you may need to return for a subsequent treatment.


Glaucoma can greatly impact your day-to-day routine and cause significant stress. At Chu Vision Institute, we want to provide the best care possible to help you decrease your symptoms so you can worry less. If you have been diagnosed with mild to moderate open-angle glaucoma, let us help. Get in touch with our office to schedule your consultation in Bloomington, MN. Our caring team is here to educate you about your glaucoma and help you choose the best treatment for your needs.

Dr. Ralph Chu LASIK surgeon Minneapolis Ophthalmologists

Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Ralph Chu is a fellowship-trained corneal specialist and a nationally recognized leader in refractive and cataract procedures. His specialty areas include cataract, LASIK, cornea, and minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries for patients in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Twin Cities areas.

Posted on October 27, 2022

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