3 Reasons LASIK is the Travel Hackers Dream

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Everyone has their reasons for wanting to improve their vision. Some want to be able to play with their children, some want to be able to improve their golf game and many just want added every day convenience. There is one surprising reason that comes up more often than you would think when asked why someone would want laser vision correction.


Carolyn works in Bloomington, MN. She is from a small town in Wisconsin and her parents spend much of the winter in Florida. In addition to her frequent trips to Green Bay to see the Packers play or to Florida to spend holidays with her family, Carolyn travels all over the country and all over the world multiple times each year!


Carolyn, like many people who receive laser vision correction, wanted to improve her vision to help make her travels easier. So far, she has noticed a ton of benefits to traveling without her contacts or glasses.


1. “Passengers, Please Prepare for Dry Eyes.” If you have ever been in an airplane, I’m sure you know how dry the air can be. Carolyn would always notice that her contact lenses would dry out on the plane and her eyes would be irritated long before she reached her destination. Not anymore because after having LASIK she is able to fly without the irritation of contacts or glasses.


2. Travel Light. Packing for a trip over a week long takes a lot of planning, but even more care and consideration if you wear contacts or glasses. Carolyn would find herself packing multiple pairs of contact lenses and backup pairs of her backup glasses (just in case). Without dealing with contacts and glasses, Carolyn’s packing has gotten a lot easier and takes less planning than ever before.


3. *See* All the Sights (Literally). It is important to make the most out of a trip, whether it is for work or for fun. Sightseeing and navigating a new place are easier without the hassle of contacts or glasses. Carolyn loves to sight see on her trips and she now has the clarity to see every detail and not miss one moment of her trip.

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