Traditional Cataract Surgery in Bloomington, MN

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Traditional Cataract Surgery

Considered to be both incredibly safe and exceptionally dependable, traditional cataract surgery, called phacoemulsification (fak-oh-i-muhl-suh-fi-key-shuhn), is among the most routinely conducted procedures around the globe. Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Ralph Chu is proficient in both traditional and laser cataract surgeries and can decide which treatment is most effective for patients by providing comprehensive exams and full analyses of their medical histories. The only major difference between the two surgeries is that the traditional surgery is done with handheld surgical tools, whereas the laser method is principally done via state-of-the-art laser technology. If you have cloudy vision associated with cataracts, reach out to our office in Minneapolis, MN to plan your consultation for cataract surgery. We would be happy to go over your possibilities for cataract removal so you can obtain clearer vision.

Best Candidates for Cataract Surgery

Typically, most people living with cataracts are considered good candidates for traditional cataract removal surgery if they are in good general health. Some types of astigmatism may reduce the chances of maximal outcomes, which may in turn affect a patient's suitability for the surgery. However, many types of astigmatism can now be corrected simultaneously with cataract surgery. Further, certain preexisting eye conditions, like macular degeneration or a detached retina, might influence a patient’s eligibility for cataract surgery. In some cases, cataract surgery could be considered an elective surgery based on the severity of vision loss and whether you choose a standard or custom artificial intraocular lens (IOL). At Chu Vision Institute, we perform an in-depth evaluation of each patient’s condition and any past medical problems to establish if traditional cataract surgery would be the most suitable treatment.

How Traditional Cataract Surgery Is Done

Dr. Chu performs traditional cataract surgery as an outpatient treatment that generally lasts around ten minutes per eye. As in laser cataract surgery, the patient stays conscious during treatment; however, the eyes are totally numbed prior to starting the surgery to offer complete comfort. Many patients are very surprised at how easy and painless the surgery is.

Once the patient is ready, Dr. Chu will secure a ring or suction device over each eye that hinders any movement during the surgery. Then, he will manually create a three-millimeter incision at the edge of the cornea. After this, he will utilize a separate device to reach the lens through the incision. This device breaks apart the clouded lens using ultrasonic waves so it can be easily removed and replaced with an IOL through the same incision. We can perform traditional cataract surgery with a variety of IOLs, including the Tecnis® Symfony multifocal lens. The incision is so tiny that it doesn't need stitches and will heal smoothly on its own.

Post-Surgery Follow-Up

After the procedure, our staff will provide thorough aftercare directions to ensure optimal recuperation. We will let you know when to use any necessary anti-inflammatory eye drops, whether an eye bandage will be needed, advice on sleeping without bumping or touching the eyes, and not doing certain strenuous tasks. Dr. Chu will conduct one last brief eye exam before clearing you to recuperate at home. It is typical for cataract surgery patients to deal with a degree of distorted vision for an hour or two after the procedure, but this is just an acclimation process as your eyes adjust to the implanted lens. It is also possible to develop red scleral tissue, as well as some slight bruising that looks like a black eye for 5 – 7 days after the procedure. Dr. Chu will have you return to Chu Vision Institute the next day for your initial follow-up assessment. Additional visits may be needed, depending on the speed of your recovery.

Say Goodbye to Cataracts

At Chu Vision Institute, our approach to vision care and eye health is simple. We first take the time to understand life from your unique perspective. By utilizing top technologies and techniques to treat cataracts, we can provide you with improved eyesight. If you have cataracts or have experienced changes in your vision, contact our Twin Cities practice to arrange an evaluation with Dr. Chu and learn more about traditional cataract surgery and other treatment options.

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