Chu Vision Foundation Missions

Chu Vision Foundation is committed to preventing treatable blindness through educational and surgical mission trips. Chu Vision Foundation has traveled to countries such as Myanmar and Fiji and plans to continue mission work in underserved communities teaching local ophthalmologists and performing surgery. 

Myanmar - 2015

Dr. Chu and Chu Vision Foundation joined Hawaiian Eye Foundation (HEF) volunteer faculty in August 2015 traveling to the capital city of Yangon in Myanmar. While there, Dr. Chu performed surgery while instructing dozens of Burmese ophthalmologists and ophthalmology residents on the latest technologies and procedures. 

Myanmar, formerly Burma, was closed off from the rest of the world. Isolation couldn't make them immune from the debilitating effects of blindness - and only crystalized the desperate need for more highly trained surgeons to treat it. 

Dr Chu - Eye Exam
In many countries, cataracts sufferers require a sighted person to guide them through daily life. Cataract surgery gives patients back their independence, and also increases the productivity of former sighted guides.

Fiji - 2017

Chu Vision Foundation participated in their second mission trip in 2017 traveling to Fiji to help at Ba Vision Eye Center. While at Ba Vision Eye Center, Chu Vision Foundation was able to teach as well as provide hands-on patient care and perform sight-saving surgeries. When given the gift of sight, these patients are able to experience freedom again and are able to contribute once again to their society.

post op handshake

Myanmar - 2017

Dr. Chu and Chu Vision Foundation joined Hawaiian Eye Foundation (HEF) volunteer faculty again in 2017 when they returned to Yangon in Myanmar for an education based mission trip. The goal of this mission trip was to continue to educate and train Burmese ophthalmologists and ophthalmology residents to help create sustainable eye care.

The positive patient outcomes of calm persistence and expert hands in the operating room, addressing the relatively smaller anatomical dimensions of Burmese eyes, go far beyond improved vision.

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