Jessica Heckman, O.D.


Dr. Jessica Heckman is a board-certified optometry specialist with a special interest in managing eye diseases and extensive experience providing full-scope patient care. At Chu Vision Institute, she works closely with cataract and refractive surgery patients to provide effective pre- and post-operative care. She also oversees Chu Vision Institute's in-house residency program through Pacific University College of Optometry, serving as an instructor for ophthalmic technician students and optometric externs. Dr. Heckman has assisted with more than 20 clinical research trials at Chu Vision Institute and has lectured both locally and across the country.

Education and Training

Dr. Heckman earned her Bachelor of Arts from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN before obtaining her doctorate of optometry (O.D.) and graduating with honors from the Pacific University College of Optometry. Afterward, she joined Chu Vision Institute in 2010. Dr. Heckman is proud to be able to use her talents and expertise to provide exceptional care for patients in her home state of Minnesota.


"Dr. Chu did a wonderful job with my SMILE procedure, taking my -5.75 and -6 prescriptions to 20/20. My results are amazing, yes... but I think that being as nervous as I was, the thing that really made this experience phenomenal was the care that Dr. Chu, Dr. Heckman, and the whole team provided. I appreciate that they took the time to talk to me about all of my concerns before I scheduled my procedure - have really dialed in the actual day of your appointment so it's smooth and efficient and you always know what's going on and what to expect - and that they have continued to provide that level of care at every follow up appointment. I have always received such a warm welcome every time I have visited, and am grateful that they always find time to address any questions or concerns. PS - a special thank you to every technician I've been fortunate enough to meet at my appointments, you all provided such lovely, friendly conversation!"



"Can't speak highly enough about the results and experience I had with Dr. Chu and his team. After a Lasik procedure I have 20/20 vision. I was obviously a little concerned about having someone mess around with my eyeball with a laser... but the whole team at Chu Vision made me feel comfortable with the procedure and recovery and ensured I felt supported at every step. The procedure was a breeze - Dr. Chu has a great bedside manner and made me feel comfortable I was in good hands. Recovery was straightforward and it's now a full month that I've had great vision and not had to worry about corrective lenses. If you're considering refractive surgery with Chu, do it. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner."



"I went in to have my eyes looked at for cataracts at 67 years old , my experience with Chu vision was amazing , EVERY person I met there took care of me in a personal way. I went through a lot of testing but they made the time go fast as they explained what was next . Before surgery through the blur of cataracts I had hard time driving at night , colors were tuff too ( I had no idea I was that blind ) lol Today I can tell you , I no longer need glasses for reading or long distance , I cannot remember ever seeing this well . For what ever its worth I got the (Restor 3 Lens) amazing clarity, not sure if they work for everyone but I am sure Dr Chu and his staff will give you the best for your situation . I don't often write a review but I am so excited about my new lenes I just had to share my experience Dr Heckman and Dr Hassen say people come back for the check ups come in very happy with their new vision like me ( fun job for them :) Normally you go to the doctor to get back to normal , here I got clearer and sharper vison , I tell everyone I meet how lucky I am to get this very sharp vison ,, I am sure everyone is tired of me talking about how excited I am being able to see this well . I want to thank you Dr Chu and of course all your staff that really made my life happier."



"Where to even begin. I had been eagerly anticipating laser vision correction for at least 5 years but life continued to get in the way. I finally was in a position to move forward and found Dr. Chu and his practice upon moving to MN. I honestly do not have the words to express how thoroughly satisfied I am and continue to be with the entire experience. From the initial evaluation to the expert guidance, seamless follow up appointments, excellent communication, wonderful and friendly staff, truly knowledgeable physicians and providers who take the time to answer your questions, I could not be more pleased. I had initially wanted to have SMILE performed but, through the counsel of Drs. Heckman and Chu, underwent ASA with phenomenal results (and the vision continues to sharpen daily which is such an amazing thing to experience). Dr. Chu was able to take my vision from 20/500 (mostly from extremely severe astigmatism with coincident myopia) to 20/20. Most importantly, I was seeing 20/30 in my right eye the day following surgery and 20/20 by the 3-day follow up. At the risk of making this review too lengthy, I have to pay my respect not only to Dr. Chu's practice but to all the individuals who work there. From Dr. Hassan to Dr. Hampton, surgical intake nurses and all the techs, they legitimately made me feel like family. More than that, the work performed at this facility is second to none. I have already referred several colleagues for vision correction at Chu Vision. To top it off, Dr. Chu is honestly a stand up guy with some pretty amazing extracurriculars :) To anyone I may have missed, THANK YOU! Genuinely changing lives for the better. TL;DR - If you care about your eyes and want high-quality, complete care, look no further than Chu Vision. You will not be disappointed."



"I cannot express enough how easy and convenient my cataract surgery appts were. Top notch people all around. The place runs like a well oiled machine❣️ Thank you Dr Chu & Dr Heckman and ALL"


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