Bloomington, MN | Chu Vision Institute Through Dr. Chu's Eyes | Chu Vision Institute

Dr. Y. Ralph Chu shares his "vision" of Chu Vision Institute and the experience they strive to provide for their patients. To help you see better, we first take the time to look at life from your perspective. Only then can we connect you to those leading-edge technologies and procedures that best fit your world today and where you see yourself tomorrow. Sound like an experience worth looking forward to? We think so, too.


Dr. Ralph Chu: I really wanted to open Chu Vision Institute because I wanted to deliver health care in a very personalized, individualized experience. So what we really think about as personalized care is not just professionalism. It's not just about being courteous to our patients. It's really trying to empower them with education. So when they make a decision, they feel like they're a partner with their doctor.

Dr. Ralph Chu: More and more patients are coming to us saying, "You know, my doctor didn't even look me in the eye. They spent more time looking at the computer than looking at me." I always joke because we talk about our teenagers not making eye contact and texting each other on their digital devices. And with all this electronic medical records and all these new regulations, doctors are being forced to put their face in front of a computer and not looking at their patients in the eye.

Dr. Ralph Chu: What does the patient want out of this? I think they want to come into a clinic where they know their doctor. They know the staff and the team that the doctor has surrounded them with. They want to know and feel that they're not just getting talked to, but that they're being partnered with. And to me that's true, personalized care.

Dr. Ralph Chu: I don't want to just say to you, "This is what I think is right." I want a patient to understand why we're doing what we do. So I think the most important thing that I do here is connect with my patients, develop the trust so they understand that what we're trying to do is help educate them so they can make the best decisions for themselves. We explain all the options technologically. We explain all the surgical techniques. And we're one of the few clinics in the country that has some of the latest laser cataract technologies, some of the latest implant technologies, and we do them often and we do them well. But that means nothing to a patient if they don't trust the staff or trust myself.

Dr. Ralph Chu: So, really, what I do is connect with the patients. I let them know that we care, that no matter what technology they choose, what level they can enter into this, that we're still going to be providing the best level of care, that I'm performing their surgery. My surgical team is helping manage their experience. And if there's any issues, we're all accountable. We're trying to help them through a scary time in their lives when they can't see, and we're trying to help them get to the other side.

Dr. Ralph Chu: So, really, what Chu Vision Institute is standing for is excellence in eye care, individualized care, customized care, and excellence. That's what we're really passionate about here, is helping people make the best choices for themselves, to improve their vision and transform their lives.