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WHAT ARE Flashes and Floaters?

For those who have ever noticed a floating shadow or bright flash in their vision, these phenomenons are called floaters and flashes respectively. While these occurrences are not always an indication of a more serious problem, patients who notice them should definitely confide in our team at Chu Vision Institute. Led by world-renowned ophthalmologist Dr. Ralph Chu, our staff of eye doctors is highly trained at detecting flashes and floaters and determining when intervention with treatment is necessary. Although floaters are not sight-threatening, floaters can affect your quality of vision and disrupt your ability to perform your daily activities. Thankfully, our team performs laser floater removal and can help manage the occurrence of your eye flashes with advanced techniques. Contact our team in Bloomington, MN to schedule your eye exam today.

When to see a doctor

Even though flashes and floaters can be common in people of many ages, these phenomenons can become even more prominent with age. Noticing some floaters or experiencing an occasional flash is not usually a sign of a larger problem, but it could indicate a bigger issue if you have any of the following:

  • Persistent light flashes
  • Limited or loss of peripheral vision
  • Worsening overall vision
  • "Shaded" vision that resembles a cloud concealing the sun
  • A large increase in the presence of floaters


It's widely believed that an increased prevalence of floaters and flashes develops as a result of the natural aging process. As men and women grow older, the vitreous fluid in the eyes begins to shrink and thicken, taking on a clump-like appearance. These clumps then case shadows inside of the retina, which are the floaters we see. Shrinking vitreous fluid also has a hand in the occurrence of flashes as well. Some eye surgeries could also cause patients to notice more floaters in their vision, but this is typically not a major concern. Individuals with severe nearsightedness (myopia) could also be at a greater risk to see flashes and floaters, as well as people with uncontrolled diabetes.

Treatment Options

At your appointment in our Bloomington, MN office, Dr. Chu or a member of his team will meet with you to figure out the probable cause of your flashes or floaters. Once we have assessed your condition, we will work with you to determine if treatment is required. Floaters are not always a cause for worry; however, the problem may become so prominent that it can get in the way of a patient's vision. At Chu Vision Institute, we're excited to perform laser floater removal via a process called vitreolysis, a nonsurgical approach to completely eradicate floaters. This new technique is remarkable because floaters no longer have to be removed via major surgery alone. Instead, this simple outpatient procedure only takes about 30 minutes and is performed with mild topical anesthesia, maintaining the patient's comfort throughout their appointment.

Repair and relief

Although flashes and floaters don't always mean something more serious is going on with your eyes, we understand how frustrating they can be. To get the guidance and information you need, reach out to our team in Bloomington, MN at Chu Vision Institute and schedule your comprehensive eye exam. Our ophthalmologists and optometrists will evaluate your overall eye health, make sure your retina is in good shape, and create a personalized treatment plan if intervention is needed.

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