Victus Femtosecond Laser

Sight is one of our most cherished senses. Today's ophthalmology patients expect the most advanced options, delivered with personalized attention. Dr. Y. Ralph Chu founded the Chu Vision Institute to offer the latest technological advances in state-of-the-art ophthalmology and vision correction surgery. He understands that improved vision changes lives.

"What sets us apart is our comprehensive focus on patient needs," Dr. Chu explains. "We strive to educate patients about the complete array of choices and options available, and we make it a priority to understand each patient's lifestyle needs so that we can collaboratively select the technologies that will best achieve our patients' goals for improved function in their lives."

Most patients are unaware of just how many options now exist, and continue to evolve, to reduce the need for reading glasses. Dr. Chu and the Chu Vision Institute is among the first ten sites in the country to offer the Victus femtosecond laser. This innovative laser platform provides significantly improved accuracy, precision and reproducibility in performing some of the critical steps of cataract surgery, and is approved for both cataract and corneal flap procedures. "We feel this technology is essential to providing our patients with the best outcome possible," Dr. Chu explains. "We provide the knowledge, expertise, and options tailored to individual lifestyles, to reduce the need for reading glasses and to help improve vision at all distances," Dr. Chu concludes. "We are dedicated to improving the vision of our patients so that they can positively transform their lives."

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