Making Better Decisions About Your Health

It seems that healthcare is getting bigger and bigger, but there’s at least one doctor in the Twin Cities trying to keep it personal.  According to Dr. Ralph Chu, founder and medical director of Chu Vision Institute, that’s what patients are seeking.  “With all the electronic health records, and the regulatory changes,  more patients are coming to us saying, "My doctor didn't even look me in the eye. They spent more time looking at the computer than looking at me." As we move forward, patients are going to look for that individualized care, where they feel like they are person and not just a number, because healthcare is very personal.”

Dr. Chu feels that the patient perspective is something that’s getting lost in the larger healthcare discussion.  “What's not being talked about is the patient, and what they want.” When he founded Chu Vision Institute, Dr. Chu did it with the mission of providing his own special version of personalized care.  “I think patients want to come into a clinic where they know their doctor, they know the team that the doctor is surrounded by, and they want to know and feel that they're not just getting talked to but that they're being partnered with. To me, that's true personalized care.”

Dr. Chu finds that many of his patients have a difficult time grasping the concept of partnering with their doctor because the process of healthcare today has become intimidating or even frightening for them.  “I think a lot of patients go into a mode where they say, "Well, do whatever is best for me." At Chu Vision we try to help break through that barrier, and really connect with them as people.  As your doctor, I don't want to just tell you what I think is right.  I want you to understand why we're doing what we do and help you make the best decision for yourself.”

As a recognized international leader in refractive and cataract surgery, it is Dr. Chu’s goal to be on the cutting edge of developing new technologies, including participating and even leading in the latest clinical research.  To Dr. Chu, it’s just one more way he can guarantee he’s providing the highest level of care for his patients.  “When I educate my patients about their options, I'm not only looking in the present moment but I'm able to look into the future, because when we're involved in clinical trials, we're looking five to ten years down the road, not just reading about it but actually being part of that future. We have one foot in the present, one foot in the future, and I think that allows us to provide a deeper level of counseling when patients come in with questions.”

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