Chu Vision Institute

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Today's patient seeks a longer, healthier life with visual clarity and preferably without the inconvenience of reading glasses. To meet this demand, the ophthalmology practice of Y  Ralph Chu, M.D , has evolved to provide premium visual care to patients with heightened-lifestyle expectations.

"There has been a continuous drive towards improving the quality of vision that ophthalmology can deliver," says Dr. Chu. "As a result, the technologies, surgery experience, and the visual outcomes for patients today have dramatically improved."

Chu Vision Institute is among the first ten sites in the country, and the only site in the Midwest, to offer the innovative Victus femtoseco nd laser. This laser platform provides significantly improved accuracy, precision, and reproducibility in performing some of the critical steps of LASIK and cataract  surgery.

Technologica l advanceme nt is complemented by the availability of premium cataract intraocular lens (IOLs) implant options. Each lens offers distinctive strengths and advantages that can be tailored to an individual patient's lifestyle, eliminating or reducing the need for reading glasses follow ing surgery.

Patients are also finding relief from Dry Eye syndrome. Chu Vision Institute is one of the first 15 sites in the country to take advantage of the revolutionary Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy treatment for dry eye, offering much needed relief for dry eye symptoms.

"It's important to all of us at Chu Vision Institute and Chu Surgery Center that our patients not only have access to the latest technologies but that we provide the education necessary so each of our patients can make an informed decision regarding their eye care," says this dedicated eye surgeon.

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