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Future Forecast: Presbyopia-Correcting Drops in the Treatment Pipeline?

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 08/25/2021

Dr. Chu, MD and Dr. McGee, OD discuss the possibility of Presbyopia-Correcting Drops.


The Presbyopic Patient: Who They Are and What They Want

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 07/06/2021

Dr. Chu, MD and Dr. McGee, OD discuss Presbyopia patients and their needs.


Presbyopia: Are We Ready?

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 05/24/2021

Dr. Chu and Selina McGee, OD discuss how practices can best position themselves to serve patients with presbyopia.


Presbyopia Treatment Options for Patients

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 05/24/2021

Dr. Ralph Chu, MD, and Dr. Selina McGee, OD, discuss their go-to treatments and approaches for their presbyopic patients.


COVID-19 pandemic poses unique challenges for reopening practices

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 08/03/2020

Practices need to be fluid and receptive to new strategies to ensure safety for staff, providers and patients.


See it Forward 5K Set For This Weekend

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 05/16/2018

Dr. Ralph Chu appears on KARE 11 news to discuss the See It Forward 5K run and the Chu Vision Foundation.


Study: Cataract Surgery Correlates with Longer Life

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 03/13/2018

Believe it or not, women have a higher chance of getting cataracts than men. Read about the study in why.


New Laser Procedure for Dry Eye Patients

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 08/22/2017

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - You've heard of Lasik. But have you heard of Smile? Read to find out more.


Avoiding Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 08/16/2017

To watch safely, everyone should make sure the glasses they have are the real deal.


New Raindrop Eye Implant Could Make Reading Glasses Obsolete

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 09/14/2016

Thanks to a new eye implant called the Raindrop, a five-minute procedure could make reading glasses a thing of the past.


No More Readers? New Implant May Help Aging Eyes

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 09/13/2016

the FDA approved two new devices to help with age-related vision loss. The most recent to receive approval, the "Raindrop", made mostly from water.


New Treatment Gives Minn. Musician His Eye Sight Back

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 07/11/2016

New technology gave Jake his sight back and renewed hope to pursue his dream to teach music.


Excess Screen Time Could Be Aging Kids Eyes

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 02/05/2016

Doctors say a condition known as dry eye syndrome, typically associated with older adults, is now becoming more common with smartphone addiction.


Doctors Warn of Digital Eye Strain

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 01/25/2016

With smartphones, laptops and tablets more and more part of our daily lives, it’s causing what some call Digital Eye Strain.


How much screen time is too much?

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 01/05/2016

According to a study from The Vision Council, a whopping 30 percent of adults say they spend more than nine hours a day looking at screens.


Local Ophthalmologist Looks to Help Cure Blindness in Myanmar

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 10/28/2015

Dr. Ralph Chu, a Bloomington-based ophthalmologist and Edina resident, is hoping to change the eye care situation in Myanmar for the better.


Firefighter Has New Procedure to Help Improve Vision

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 10/18/2015

Jensen is at the Chu Vision Institute in Bloomington to get corneal cross linking.


Reading Vision Correction

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 07/15/2015

Chu Vision Institute in Bloomington offers a variety of treatments to help patients live their lives without reading glasses! Read about it here!


You Should Trust Your Eyes To The Best

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 04/23/2015

Read about our wonderful Dr. Chu's life and how he knew at a young age what he wanted to accomplish in his life.


Less Hassle With Dropless Cataract Surgery

Ralph Chu, M.D., CEO | 04/07/2015

Cataract surgery can be common as we age. Having cataracts removed can save your vision. However, recovering from the procedure can be inconvenient.


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