WOW!!! At ninety years old, I got my eye sight back. After years of slowly progressing into the shadow of darkness, a miracle happened. Dr. Kelsey Keltgren referred me to the Chu Eye Institute in Mpls. And there I met Dr. Chu. After this meeting is when the miracles started happening. Dr. Chu and his staff gave me a very complete eye exam. He said I was a candidate for ( I call it) corneal transplant, if I was in favor of it. My medical doctor oked it and six weeks later I had surgery on my right eye. The left eye was done six weeks after that. Now I am reading the newspaper and watching TV without the help of 250 cheaters or a number 4magnifier. If this is not a miracle, I can't think of a better word. Thanks to The Lord, Doctors, nurses and whoever was involved. I am so happy and thankful to have a second chance for my eye sight.