Jan S.

Dr. Chu removed cataracts from both of my eyes 2 years ago and that was an amazing experience. People said I would be surprised at how white things would get and boy was that true!! After the first surgery, I couldn't wait for the second one! When I went back for my 1 year checkup, they asked how my eyes were doing. I told them my vision was blurry after working on the computer all day. The nurse explained that the film that was around the lens sometimes gets wrinkled and the light would get distorted when it hit that. They suggested the YAG procedure that would break up that film to get rid of the blurry vision. I just had my second eye done today and I am SO amazed at how well I see now!! The procedure only took 2 minutes and I walked out with 20/20 vision!! No more glasses for me!! I would suggest this to anyone having any issues after cataract surgery!!