Myanmar - Tour of the Yangon Eye Hospital - Part 3

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On the other wing are administrative rooms and a few more examination rooms. We wander to the end of the hall and we see a bird perched on the molding of one of the walls.


On the top floor is the Male Ward, an exact copy of the Female Ward below, and across from it the lecture hall, and the headquarters of the National Eye Bank of Yangon. A large wood carving says: "Donate eye: it is the meritorious deed." The logo features a rainbow arching over an eye, held in the open palms of two hands.


In the lecture hall for the morning opening session, over seventy people fill the seats. I notice that all but one are female. I ask one of the doctors about this later on, and she tells me that access to medical education has always been equal for men and women in #Myanmar. However, she says, more women than men apply to medical school, and therefore it is more competitive for women to get accepted.


On our way out, there are still more people streaming into the hospital. Some come by taxi or car, but many others walk, presumably from other parts of the city. We are told that since this is one of only four teaching hospitals, many patients travel from distant parts of the country to be seen here.

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