Bloomington, MN | Dr. Dan Davis Explains "The Dress" | Chu Vision Institute

Dr. Dan Davis from ChuVision explains the #TheDress Phenomenon.


Dr. Dan Davis: So what color is the dress anyway? Have you seen the new internet question on what color the dress is? Hi, I'm Dr. Dan Davis from the Chu Vision Institute, and here's a little theory as to explain what might be going on.

Dr. Dan Davis: The retina has different photo receptors that process colors differently. Some process blue, some process yellow, some process red, and some process green. Here's a little experiment that you can do with the things at your desk, just to try to give an idea of what is happening with the dress.

Dr. Dan Davis: Take a piece of white paper and just grab a yellow highlighter. What you should do now is stare at the highlighter for about 30 seconds, 28, 29, 30. Now, look away from the highlighter and then look at the piece of white paper. Blink a couple times. What color do you see? It should be blue. Right? So there's a blue afterimage there, produced by the yellow photo receptors. As they get tired, they reset themselves and then they produce blue as an afterimage, kind of like a camera flash produces a green color afterwards.

Dr. Dan Davis: The dress in the picture has light gold stripes on it. The light gold could be activating the yellow photo receptors and when you look at the white stripes, it could be producing the blue afterimage that you're seeing.

Dr. Dan Davis: For more information on fun with neuroscience, click on the link below. And stay tuned in the spring. I have another neuroscience trickery experiment that we'll go through then.