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Nic Jacobs, our Clinical Research talks to us about the background of clinical research.


Nic Jacobs: Hi. I'm Nic Jacobs, and I'm the clinical research director here at Chu Vision and I'm going to discuss with you today the background of clinical research and how you can get involved.

Nic Jacobs: Dr. Chu and Chu Vision have chosen to participate in clinical trials that enhance patient's vision. Some of the trials include laser vision correction, lens implants, surgical devices, and even pharmaceuticals. Participating in a clinical trial can be an exciting opportunity. One of the benefits of participating in a trial is that you receive access to technologies that may not be available to the public for five to 10 years. Another reason to participate in a clinical trial would be to move the field forward, keeping the technology progressing so that years down the line your children, your grandchildren, even your great-grandchildren might benefit from what you've done today.

Nic Jacobs: Many people, when considering participating in a clinical trial, think they might be considered a guinea pig. At Chu Vision, we take a different approach. We look at you and treat you as our VIPs. You are our superstars, our Navy Seals. You will receive some of the most thorough eye exams you have ever had, and probably multiple times during the participation of the trial.

Nic Jacobs: Many people ask "What if? What if this happens or what if that happens?" Well, my answer to that is sometimes we just don't know, and that's why we call it research. We are trying to find out the answers to those "what if" questions. So, that might scare some people as to "Do I really want to do this if you don't know the answer?"

Nic Jacobs: All of the clinical research we do here at Chu Vision is regulated and overseen by the FDA. We are often approached by sponsor companies to participate in their trials, and we choose to participate in only those that will benefit our patients.

Nic Jacobs: If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, and moving the field of ophthalmology forward, please visit our website to check our current studies and contact us with any questions. Thank you.